CRT Flooring

In February of 2017 CRT opened a small showroom in Port Aransas to serve the booming new construction business that was going on, as well as the renovation market. We quickly found the need to be in Port A on a full-time basis as business continued to grow in this area. And then……. On Friday August 25, 2017 we along many of you felt the full force of Hurricane Harvey. That day over 30” of sea water came in and our roof was opened to the skies above, but like many of you we are Port A strong and continued to work to rebuild Port A. We quickly rented a temporary trailer and set up next to our battered former showroom so we could continue to serve the flooring and tile needs of both the new construction and growth that brought us to Port A as well as in the rebuilding process. Now almost 11 months later we are in a new larger space on W. Ave. A in Port A and ready to continue to rebuild and grow. We are all Port A strong.