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Amy made her radio broadcasting debut on Real Country at the age of 18 after parlaying an internship at the station into a professional gig. She’s what you would call the ultimate Corpus Christi girl. She has successfully juggled her collegiate goals along with attending radio promotions, concerts, and community events. Amy earned a Radio/Television Associates degree from Del Mar College and in December of 2015 graduated from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with a Bachelors degree in  Communication. She has quite a knack for country music … give her a few words from a country song and she can tell you what song it’s from!

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Hey!… It’s Amy! Thanks for visiting my page! Well I’m a Corpus Christi girl born and raised. I’m so blessed to be able  to do what I love and that is to share Real Country music with you! Tune in to my show Mon-Fri from 7 pm till Midnight! To get a better idea of who you’re hearing behind the mic, be sure to friend request me on Facebook! And f you’re looking to promote your business get in contact with me as well! I’d love to get your local business the attention it deserves. Message me today!   -Amy 🙂


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TASTE’S OF TEXAS!- Some of this Texas girls favorite recipes!

So this section of my page is to bring you some recipes to try at home (ones that I have tried or want to try that I think might interest you). Ok seriously all I can say at this point is that quarantining has got me trying things I else wise probably NEVER would have attempted. Are you ready for this?? I made homemade almond and almond crackers with the leftover almond sludge. (fun sidenote… when I was telling my family about how I made this; my sisters fiance whole hearted and sincerely said “Oh wow how do you milk an almond?” I could not stop laughing ha ha). Anyways back to this recipe… so for the almond milk simply throw some almonds in some water and leave in the fridge over night. In the morning drain the water out and throw the almonds and some water in the blender (just enough to cover the almonds, and dont skip this step if you use the same water it sat in overnight its leaves it with a very bitter taste). Next you’ll strain out the milk with a cheese cloth as seen in the pic below. You can add some honey, vanilla, or sweetener of your choice (just depends what flavor you like and what youd use yours for. I don’t really feel a need to sweeten it if its for cereal but if its going in a smoothie I might add a little something to it) and blend it up or stir and let it sit the fridge till its chilled. Now for the crackers! hang on to all the left over almond sludge and mix it in a bowl with some olive oil, flax. and your choice of seasoning (the recipe I used just said salt and pepper but you know how I love my HEB Everything But the Bagel Seasoning so I threw in some of that ha ha). Next put the mixture between 2 sheets of parchment paper and roll it out about 1/8 in. thick, cut into squares and poke holes with a fork. Throw in the oven for about 15 minutes flipping halfway through… they should be a golden brown. I ate mine with some cream cheese cause thats what was in my fridge, they’d also be great with some salsa or spinach dip!