Avoid charity scams during Covid-19

Consider these tips from your Better Business Bureau when donating to COVID-19 relief efforts:

  • Choose your charity wisely. Consider certain factors when picking an organization to donate to. For example, more experienced relief organizations may have the resources and existing connections needed to deliver aid.
  • Verify trustworthiness. The best way to avoid charity scams is to donate to a known and trustworthy organization. You can visit give.org to view charities accredited by BBB’s Wise Giving Alliance. Accredited charities meet WGA’s 20 standards of trust.
  • Cut out the middleman. Some charities may be collecting money to pass along to a larger organization. Consider donating to that organization directly or choose a charity with a local presence.
  • Confirm the charity’s intentions. Look on the charity’s website, social media or other materials to see exactly how it intends to use the funds. Avoid donating if the organization offers vague language without offering specific details as to how donations will be used.
  • Understand crowdfunding. It can be difficult to vet individuals using crowdfunding sites to collect donations. Only donate to crowdfunds created by someone you personally know or avoid crowdfunding sites altogether.

Visit  BBB.org/coronavirus for a list of WGA accredited charities donating to COVID-19 relief.