Amy Montez Frye


Amy made her radio broadcasting debut on Real Country at the age of 18 after parlaying an internship at the station into a professional gig. She’s what you would call the ultimate Corpus Christi girl. She has successfully juggled her collegiate goals along with attending radio promotions, concerts, and community events. Amy earned a Radio/Television Associates degree from Del Mar College and in December of 2015 graduated from Texas A&M University Corpus Christi with a Bachelors degree in  Communication. She has quite a knack for country music … give her a few words from a country song and she can tell you what song it’s from!

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Hey!… It’s Amy! Thanks for visiting my page! Well I’m a Corpus Christi girl born and raised. I’m so blessed to be able  to do what I love and that is to share Real Country music with you! Tune in to my show Mon-Fri from 7 pm till Midnight! To get a better idea of who you’re hearing behind the mic, be sure to friend request me on Facebook! And f you’re looking to promote your business get in contact with me as well! I’d love to get your local business the attention it deserves. Message me today!   -Amy 🙂

Throughout this pandemic there’s been so many ups and downs with my diet and exercise routine. I’ve decided something good has to come out of this in the end. There’s so many bad things happening and I have the power to do something positive so I got to take advantage of it. There’s no parties to go to, no dinners with friends, no buttery popcorn and sodas at the movies. Now’s the time for me to kick into to gear and get healthy for myself and my family. And thank goodness I have my show sponsor Rocks Discount Vitamins N More! Rocks in Annaville and Calallen today offer InBody Analysis, supplements, and meal plans! I’ve been enjoying my Hexapro Protein Shakes and my Obvi Collagen Protein! I feel full, I get my sweet tooth fix with their delicious flavors, my hair, skin and nails look amazing and I’m losing weight! Rocks Discount Vitamins N More has locations all over Corpus Christi and South Texas! Stop by Rocks in Calallen at 13517 Northwest Blvd or their Annaville location 11101 Leopard!!

TASTE’S OF TEXAS!- Some of this Texas girls favorite recipes!

So this section of my page is to bring you some recipes to try at home (ones that I have tried or want to try that I think might interest you). Tried out this famous avocado pudding recipe the other day (I was curious and already had all of the ingredients) and it was actually really good. 1 avocado, a cup of coconut milk (but I think you can use whatever kind you want… first time I tried it I used regular milk), and 2 tablespoons of honey (I actually only used 1 tablespoon this time since I had coconut milk instead of regular milk) anyways… Don’t knock it till you try it it’s actually really good lol Do you have any favorite recipes? Message me on Facebook! Or at with yours and I might just try it and feature it here on my page!


Are you a Hooks Baseball Fan?? 

Are you a Hooks Baseball Fan?? Me too!! Fun Fact… This 2021 season I’ll officially make my debut as the Corpus Christi Hooks Public Address announcer! Last year (before covid ruined everything) I auditioned and came out on top! It’s been a dream of mine for years to be behind the mic at Whataburger Field and now it’s finally happening! Join me at the ballpark this season!!


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