Runaway June Release ‘Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)’ With New Lead Vocalist Stevie Woodward

Runaway June recently released “Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)”, the band’s first song with new lead vocalist Stevie Woodward.

Woodward joined the band that also includes Jennifer Wayne and Natalie Stovall after Naomi Cooke departed from the band in February.

“Broken Hearts (Do Broken Things)” serves as an empowering anthem about post-breakup.

“She called her ex / Sent him a text / What the hell was she thinking / What the hell was she drinking / She cut her hair / On a midnight dare / What the hell was she thinking / What the hell was she drinking,” the group sing in the opening verse.

“We all know that feeling of getting your heart broken and going out and doing some questionable things, so we wanted to make ‘Broken Hearts’ feel as supportive and inclusive as possible,” shares Woodward.

Runaway June co-founder Wayne adds, “Instead of making it just about one person’s experience, it’s all three of us singing to you and letting everyone know we’re all in this together. It’s our way of telling people, ‘We all screw up sometimes, but it’s okay because you’re gonna get through it and come out the other side.’ I think there’s a real beauty in that.”

(Photo: Acacia Evans)

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