Little Hats Big Hearts

The American Heart Association-Corpus Christi is celebrating the fourth year of Little Hats, Big Hearts™. Volunteers from around the country are helping the American Heart Association, in connection with the Children’s Heart Foundation, to celebrate American Heart Month by knitting and crocheting adorable red hats for babies born in February. Little Hats, Big Hearts™, honors babies and moms in a very special way. These tiny red hats, on thousands of babies, symbolize our shared mission of heart-healthy lives for everyone. The effort also raises awareness of congenital heart defects, and what we can all do to help prevent them. The American Heart Association is asking for volunteers to knit or crochet red baby hats to distribute to participating hospitals. Hats must be mailed to the Corpus Christi office at 500 N. Shoreline, Suite 203N Corpus Christi, TX 78401, by December 31 to be included in the February outreach effort. Donations may also be delivered to the office in person.  For more information about Little Hats, Big Hearts™, visit