Family-owned and -operated, Janet’s Cakery has been making wedding, quinceañera, holiday, and specialty cakes, cookies, and pastries for Corpus Christi events and appetites for more than 30 years. What began in a home kitchen now operates in a commercial building, where the same homespun deliciousness remains a signature ingredient.

Patrick Limerick, whose wife, Janet, started the business, is head baker. His three sons, Cody, Clayton, and Shannon, are all part of the team that provides their hometown with the best in baked goods.

Janet’s Cakery is known across the Coastal Bend for its creative, visual presentations as well as great taste. Bring in an idea for a cake, whether it’s a superhero, a scene from outer space, or a wedding dress, and Janet’s can make it happen. From giant dinosaurs that feed a hundred to birthday cakes fit for a princess, Janet’s Cakery has the expertise — and ingredients — to create the perfect cake for the most memorable occasions.

That level of quality and excellence doesn’t come easy. Limerick spent years perfecting the art of baking, adjusting temperatures and times until he had it down to a science. The cakes at Janet’s Cakery come out of the oven perfectly level and with a consistent texture every time.

Ingredients make a difference as well, and Janet’s Cakery only uses the finest.

Limerick’s efforts produce more than cake. The bakery is also popular for cookies, cream puffs, cream horns, sweet rolls, petite fours, and pies — lots and lots of pies, especially around the holidays.

For your own taste of Janet’s Cakery, visit the bakery at 5880 Everhart Road just south of Holly Road in The Market at Everhart shopping center.

Call 361-991-6212 for more information.