Dolly Parton Releases Fun New Single ‘Big Dreams And Faded Jeans’

Iconic country singer Dolly Parton has released a fun new single, “Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” from her new upcoming album Run, Rose, Run.

“Big Dreams and Faded Jeans” tells about a brave young woman who decides to leave her home to come to Nashville become a musician.

“Big dreams and faded jeans / Fit together like a team / Always busting at the seams / Big dreams and faded jeans / Just my old guitar and me / Out to find my destiny / Nashville is the place to be / For big dreams and faded jeans,” Parton sings in the chorus.

The track is the first preview of her upcoming album, Run, Rose, Run, which serves as a collection of songs to accompany her fictional novel of the same name.

The 12-song LP Run, Rose, Run will be available on March 4, while the novel by the same name will be out on March 7.

“So many people come to Nashville with their sack of songs,” said Parton in a press release. “Whether they’re running from anything or not, they’re running towards a future. That’s what ‘Big Dreams and Faded Jeans’ is all about. I am so pleased to finally share the first song from this exciting new album with all of you!”

Run, Rose, Run Track List:

Side A:1. Run2. Big Dreams And Faded Jeans3. Demons (with Ben Haggard)4. Driven5. Snakes In The Grass6. Blue Bonnet Breeze

Side B:1. Woman Up and Take It Like A Man2. Firecracker3. Secrets4. Lost and Found (with Joe Nichols)5. Dark Night, Bright Future6. Love or Lust (with Richard Dennison)

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