Granger Smith Confirms Starring Role In New Movie ‘Moonrise’

Granger Smith recently took to social media to reveal he is starring in a new movie, Moonrise.

“I haven’t talked much about it, but this movie is finally finished filming,” Smith confirmed alongside a photo of himself and director Vickie Bronaugh on-site. “I spent about a month in Blanco TX with some incredibly talented actors & crew pouring a lot of hours and a completely different side of my creative brain into this character.”

“It’s about a country singer who lost his wife and struggles to find purpose, redemption, forgiveness, embrace fatherhood, faith and ultimately the ability to love again,” Smith said of the storyline. “I remember getting this script back in Nov and I read the entire thing in one sitting on the porch swing. It’s special.”

The singer said he had to build up the courage to dip his toes into the acting world and fully trust Bronaugh’s process.

“I’ve never acted in his way, but I fell in love with the character and knew that I had to do it.or at least give it my best shot,” he said while also explaining the photograph. “In this pic is Vickie, our wonderful director and writer. She’s probably telling me like she always did, ‘You got this.’ I didn’t always believe that.but I trusted her vision.”

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