Jimmie Allen Reveals Sex Of Unborn Baby

Country star Jimmie Allen has revealed the sex of his baby on the way– a girl.

Appearing on The Sam Alex Show this week, the singer said, “We’ve got a new girl, a baby girl on the way. We didn’t do the whole baby reveal thing because we did it for the first one, we’re done [with that] — whatever pops out, pops out.”

The singer and his wife Alexis, who tied the knot last month, are already parents to daughter Naomi Bettie, 15 months. Allen also has a 7-year old son Aadyn, from a previous relationship.

Allen also revealed that he wanted to name his new baby girl after Maisie Williams‘ “Game of Thrones” character.

“We do not have a name ’cause we were preparing for a boy so we don’t have a girl name. I wanna name her Arya Stark Allen because I’m a huge ‘Game of Thrones’ fan but Lex ain’t lettin’ that happen! So I don’t know what we’re gonna call her,” he said. “We might just name her ‘Hey You.’ ”

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