Kenny Chesney Shares New Single ‘Guilty Pleasure’

Kenny Chesney recently released a new single, “Guilty Pleasure,” from his upcoming album, Born. Born is due to arrive on March 22, 2024.

“I have absolutely never heard a song like this. ever, and I’ve heard a lot of songs!” Chesney said about the new “Guilty Pleasure.” “It’s such an unusual, fresh way to come at something you think you know and have heard everything all about. And then something falls out in a writing session, everyone looks at each other – and you all say, ‘OH! We’re writing that.'”

“To me, that outro. ‘A little guilty pleasure never hurt nobody, no, no.’ is pretty true. There are plenty of nice girls out there who haven’t met the one. The guy in this song gets that and understands that before that guy shows up, he can be a good time and fill the void until he does. No trouble, no drama, just whatever it is, whenever it is, all good,” he added.

“If you ain’t found the one yet, I can keep being the one between the guy of your dreams and some guy in a bar/I’m a secret you keep, yeah, I know what we are.” Kenny sings.

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