Kid Rock Allegedly Waves Gun Around During Rolling Stone Interview

Kid Rock is alleged to have waved a gun in front of a reporter during an interview with Rolling Stone last month. The singer is also said to have repeatedly used the N-word, attempting to goad the reporter into a physical fight.

A column recently published in Rolling Stone sees David Peisner, the reporter, describing the incident in detail.

Peisner says he visited Rock at his Nashville ranch last month for an interview, during which the Detroit rocker discussed his embracement of Donald Trump and right-wing culture wars.

Peisner says that at one point, the heavily drunk Rock pulled out a black handgun and waved it in front of his face “to make some sort of point.”

“And I got a f***ing goddamn gun right here if I need it!” Rock reportedly shouted. “I got them everywhere!”

He also allegedly used the N-word several times, including when discussing how the Republicans were the party that “freed the f***ing slaves.”

The reporter claims that Rock blocked his multiple attempts to leave the studio, at one point even asking if he wanted to fight.

“Do you think you could whup the shit out of me?” he allegedly asked Peisner, who responded, “Probably not.” Rock then replied, “You can take a shot if you want.”

Finally, Rock reportedly asked Peisner to write the “most horrific article” about him as “a favor.”

“Would you do me a favor? Just write the most horrific article about me. Do it. It helps me,” he is reported as saying. “Will you tell everyone that I was halfway cool?”

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