Lauren Alaina Invited To Join Grand Ole Opry

27-year-old singer songwriter Lauren Alaina was brought to her knees after Trisha Yearwood invited her to become the newest member of the legendary Grand Ole Opry.

Yearwood told an already overwhelmed Alaina, “The is sort of like a wedding proposal; you have to say yes.” Alaina, without skipping a beat said, “Yes!.”

The singer-turned-author-turned-actress added, “All I ever wanted was to be a member of the Grand Ole Opry. I snotted on stage.”

Alaina later accepted that she was completely swept off her feet. “I felt like Bambi,” she explained to PEOPLE. “My knees . all of a sudden, I [had] to get closer to the floor.”

“Then it was, ‘There’s a slit in my dress, stand back up.’ That’s all I could think,” Alaina added.

The whole incident came as a complete surprise to Alaina, and according to her, she thought Yearwood was going to congratulate her for her landmark year.

After the show, Alaina spoke about this being one of her major goals in life which she had jotted down seven years ago with her manager, Trisha McClanahan.

Talking about having reached all of her goals, Alaina said, “We kept saying we had to make a new list of goals, and I have not wanted to do it because I had not gotten this one. It feels good. Now, I’ve got to make some new goals. This is the best Christmas present I could ever get.”

(Photo: UMG Nashville)

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