Luke Combs Apologizes After Winning $250,000 Copyright Lawsuit Against Fan

Luke Combs has apologized to a fan after he unwittingly sued her in federal court and won a $250,000 judgment.

NBC affiliate WFLA of Tampa reported that resident Nicol Harness was sued for $250,000 by Combs’ legal team for selling unofficial merchandise featuring the country star’s likeness on Amazon. Combs later posted a video on social media apologizing for the lawsuit and claimed that the suit shouldn’t have been filed.

“It’s 7:27 a.m. here in Tennessee. I woke up at 5 a.m. to use the restroom, and the first thing I saw is this – a woman that’s being sued by me for $250,000,” said Combs, telling viewers he “was completely and utterly unaware” of the lawsuit before seeing the report.

Harness, who suffers from congestive heart failure, sold only 18 tumblers for a total of $380 but was ordered to pay a whopping $250,000 in damages for infringing Combs’ intellectual property.

Harness told WFLA the lawsuit was sent to her in an email that landed in her junk folder while she was in the hospital, causing her to miss the 21-day response window.

Combs also revealed that had already contacted Harness directly and apologized for the incident.

“I spent the last two hours trying to make this right and figure out what’s going on, because I was completely and utterly unaware of this,” Combs said in the video. “We do have a company that goes after folks, only supposedly large corporations operating internationally that make millions and millions of dollars making counterfeit tee shirts, things of that nature, running illegal businesses. Apparently, this woman, Nicol, has somehow gotten wrapped into that.”

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