Shania Twain Recalls Steps Taken To Avoid Sexual Abuse By Late Stepdad

In a recent interview with The Sunday Times, country star Shania Twain revealed her traumatic childhood experience and recalled how she took steps to avoid sexual abuse by her stepdad.

Shania said she had to try and downplay her feminine features as she suffered sexual abuse from her stepfather Jerry Twain.

“I hid myself and I would flatten my boobs,” Shania told the newspaper. “I would wear bras that were too small for me, and I’d wear two, play it down until there was nothing girl about me. Make it easier to go unnoticed. Because, oh my gosh, it was terrible-you didn’t want to be a girl in my house.”

Shania said she once threw a chair at her stepfather. “I think a lot of that was anger, not courage. And it took a long time to manage that anger. You don’t want to be somebody that attacks me on the street,” she said. “Because I will f—ing rip your head off if I get the chance.”

Following the death of her mother and stepdad in a car crash, Shania began to embrace her identity as a woman, knowing she had to care for her younger siblings.

“All of a sudden it was like, ‘Well, what’s your problem? You know, you’re a woman and you have this beautiful body.’ What was so natural for other people was so scary for me. I felt exploited, but I didn’t have a choice now. I had to play the glamorous singer, had to wear my femininity more openly or more freely. And work out how I’m not gonna get groped, or raped by someone’s eyes, you know, and feel so degraded,” she said.

(Photo: Louie Banks)

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