Zac Brown Calls Divisive Media ‘Like Sipping On Poison’

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Zac Brown said the media nowadays is very divisive and likened consuming news media to sipping on “poison.”

“Right now, the country is as divided as it’s ever been in my lifetime, and while I’m still a few years from hitting 35, I can’t say I’ve seen anything like it. The tribalism, the animosity, it’s almost as if people would rather see their side ‘win’ than the country as a whole succeed,” Brown said.

“When you look at people’s agendas and how they’re going to manipulate people into accomplishing their agenda, it’s very obvious and it’s hard to find the truth,” he added. “When you hear about something and instead of going, ‘Wow, that’s happening,’ the news is no longer a report about what’s happening. It’s about how can we get people to side with us or hate this person or do these things.”

Brown continued, “I think a lot of the stuff in the media is very divisive, and that’s not the America that I know.”

Zac calls buying into the divisive political rhetoric, whether levied by politicians, the news, or social media.”poison.” “It’s like sipping on poison. You can pick a channel over here and you’re pissed off about one thing and your cortisol goes up, and you watch this one and you’re pissed off about this,” he said.

“The technology is advanced so far and so much that we hear so many people’s opinions about things that we forget what’s right in front of us. So you just sip on this poison and being stimulated by all these things that are around all the time. We weren’t really supposed to hear people’s voices that we can’t hear beyond earshot. That’s the way we were made and created,” he added.

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