Garth Brooks Shares New Single ‘That’s What Cowboys Do’

Garth Brooks has released a new single, “That’s What Cowboys Do,” the fifth song from his 14th studio album, Fun.

The song narrates the story of a rodeo cowboy, his love, heartbreak and all.

“She told me she was lonely and it would be alright / If happy-ever-after only meant one night / So we saddled up in satin and rode off for the mornin’ sun / Oh, but somewhere ‘tween the neon and the mornin’ skies / I saw that I was fallin’ for those deep blue eyes / And I couldn’t help but wonder, could this woman be the one?” Brooks sings.

“Then it came to the leavin’ part / When sleepin’ beauty nearly had my heart …

“But a cowboy’s always got somewhere to go / Another song to sing, another day to save, another rodeo / They’re always leavin’ town, chasin’ sunsets down / It ain’t nothin’ new / Yeah, they’re just passin’ through / That’s what cowboys do …,” he sings in the chorus.

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